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Whether you are a Sole Trader or a Business with Staff you can...


Make Fast and Simple Appointment Bookings

Painlessly login and within three clicks book and manage appointments from any computer online. Also, works on mobile phones.

We are proud of getting this down to only three clicks!


At a Glance Check your Appointments

Once you have logged into the website you will arrive at the monthly view.

Simply select a month and you will get a quick overview of your appointments for that month.

Select the appropriate day and from here you can quickly add, edit and manage your appointments.


Booking an Appointment

Appointment books are bulky, aren't exactly portable and can be lost or stolen. Not to mention changing appointments becomes messy. Once you select a day simply click ‘Add appointment’ and fill out your client’s details. You can also add more extensive client information such as their email address.

Be sure to include their mobile number if you want a reminder to be sent out.

All client details are automatically added to the address book. The next time an existing client rings to book an appointment a pop up will appear when you start typing his/her name. You can then select this client and the rest of the form will be automatically completed for you.

Check out an example text message reminder!

Send Automatic Text Message Reminders.
Set it and Forget it!

When adding an appointment you will have to enter the client's mobile number if you want a reminder to be sent out. Set it and forget it.

You can relax, automatic text message reminders will automatically be sent out a day before the appointment around midday.

We surveyed over 500 members of the public and found that they preferred to be reminded the day before around midday. If they were at work and had forgotten their appointment, they said that they would still be able to free-up time to make the appointment or rearrange.

The text message will show your business name as the sender which looks professional. It will include the client's name to personalise the text message, the time and date of the appointment and your business phone number, if they wish to cancel or rearrange.


Editing an Appointment

You can quickly and easily move the appointment quickly and easily to a new date and/or time slot. Or change any information about an upcoming appointment, such as the member of staff that will be taking that appointment.

Click Here for a free demo and see for yourself.


Customer and Staff Search

Type in a customers name and pull up their booked appointment in the system instantly, so you can quickly see any information about it. Search a member of staff by date range and you can see all their booked appointments at a glance and make any changes etc.


Manage Your Address Book

When you book an appointment with a client they will automatically be added to the address book. You will be able to easily view and edit your clients’ personal details, and arrange them by name, address etc.

If You Have Staff Members You Will Love these Features...

staff view

Staff Availability

This will make managing your staff so much easier.

Simply click on the 'Staff Availability' button and you will easily see the available time slots for all members of staff for that day in a nice and colourful way!


Multiple Staff Accessing the System

As a manager or owner of the business you will have the master account. You will be able to automatically send invitation emails for other members of staff to have access to the system.

You can also set permissions for different members of staff and control their levels of access. For example you may want to give someone the ability to add, edit or delete appointments whilst only allowing another member of staff to only view appointments.